Environmental sealing, noise reduction and vibration control, cushioning and surface protection, EMI shielding and thermal management – the products of Lakeview Industries can be found where you work, in your home and where you play. Lakeview has over 25 years of experience fabricating flexible sheet, roll and extruded materials for the OEM market. Founded in 1976, Lakeview has grown to become the leading distributor and manufacturer of fabricated flexible components. Let Lakeview Industries help you develop creative and cost-effective solutions for your specific applications.

Please note:

The materials displayed below only represent a small portion of all the materials available for fabrication. If you do not see something that will work in your application, please contact us for a recommendation.

* Dense Rubber/Matting Materials
* Closed Cell Foam and Sponge Materials
* Open Cell Foam and Sponge Materials
* Specialty Materials
* EMI/RFI Shielding and Thermal Management Materials